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Thanksgiving vocabulary

November 2019

The Reading sections of the ACT and the SAT contain an abundance of words that are unfamiliar to most teenagers. The best way to learn new words is in context, through either reading or having conversations. However, it’s difficult to memorize all of the ACT/SAT vocabulary without doing some focused practice. Below, I have included my favorite seasonally-appropriate vocabulary terms.

  • Smorgasbord: a buffet; a wide range of something
  • Cornucopia: an abundant supply of good things
  • Sustenance: food and drink regarded as a source of strength
  • Indulge: allow oneself to enjoy
  • Quaff: drink heartily
  • Gobble: eat hurriedly
  • Gourmandize: eat good food, especially to excess
  • Satiate: satisfy
  • Congregate: gather
  • Kin: family
  • Kith: friends & acquaintances
  • Menage: members of a household
  • Hygge: coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment
  • Conviviality: friendliness; liveliness