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8 things you need to know about ACT/SAT testing during the pandemic

June 2020
  1. The entire University of California system is also going test optional in 2021 and will be test blind starting in 2023.
  2. The California State University system will be test blind in 2021.
  3. Fall SAT registration is open now and Fall ACT registration opens in July.
  4. Yale will not require ACT/SAT scores, but most other top-tier schools, including Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton still will. Many of these schools have reduced and removed requirements for SAT subject tests.
  5. The ACT is proceeding with July test dates, where permitted by law.
  6. For the foreseeable future, students will be required to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing at testing centers. Students can bring their own masks, hand sanitizer, and other PPE, but these supplies will not be provided.
  7. Starting in Fall 2020, students will be able to retake individual sections of the ACT, rather than having to retake the entire test.
    1. The ACT is encouraging colleges to superscore these retesting results (See What is a superscore?)
    2. Students can retake one to three sections on a given test date, and retesting dates align with the regular ACT dates.
    3. The ACT is offering this option because they believe it can reduce test anxiety while still producing results that are predictive of student success.
  8. Both the ACT and the College Board are working to produce at-home testing options to be deployed later this year. This raises a number of concerns regarding technical issues, potential for cheating, and equity in at-home conditions across the socioeconomic spectrum.